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Ketamine Clinic of Spokane

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Ketamine Clinic of Spokane always appreciates feedback from our valued patients. To date, we’re thrilled to have collected 14 reviews with an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars. Please read what others are saying about Ketamine Clinic of Spokane below, and as always, we would love to collect your feedback.

Mark C.

Submitted 10/06/22

I have suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a kid. I have tired several different medications over the years and none of them worked for me. My mother passed away in December and sent me into a major depression. I tried medication again and it did not work. I was becoming extremely suicidal and feeling very hopeless. While doing some research on alternative treatments for depression I found the Ketamine Clinic of Spokane. Reaching out to the Ketamine Clinic was the best decision I ever made. The staff was extremely professional and helpful. They made me feel comfortable throughout the process. After just one treatment I noticed a significant decrease in anxiety. By the third session I noticed my depression started feeling better and by the time I finished my sixth session my suicidal thoughts had completely gone away. I have never experienced relief like this in my life. If you are feeling hopeless and like nothing is going to work for you, don't give up. I thought I was out of options but I was wrong. This treatment along with therapy has changed my life. I am very grateful to have found the Ketamine Clinic and want to thank the entire staff for their help.

Jordan W.

Submitted 05/25/22

My experience at the Ketamine clinic of Spokane has been wonderful, from the great staff at the clinic to the treatment itself. I’ve had treatment resistant depression for many years and have found relief through IV ketamine. I always felt safe, comfortable and cared for in this facility under the kind people who work here through out the entire process. All of my questions and concerns were met with compassion and I received honest answers and feedback about the treatment process and what I could expect. I would and will recommend the ketamine clinic of Spokane to anyone who feels they’ve tried other methods of treatment without desired results or relief. Thank you to the staff of the clinic.

K. W.

Submitted 10/06/21

The Ketamine Clinic of Spokane is a blessing to the Inland Northwest. The founders started the clinic because they felt they had a moral obligation to provide access to ketamine treatment for those struggling with depression and other serious conditions. That alone tells you much about their approach and philosophy in offering hope where other treatments have failed. Everyone on the hand-picked staff is kind and focused on helping you start your journey toward a happier, healthier future. Your treatment is conducted in a quiet room with a comfy reclining chair. You are monitored at all times for safety, with aromatherapy (if wanted) and a comfy blanket for comfort. Noise cancelling headphones or earbuds with calm music is very helpful. Liquid Mind is the name of an artist that is very soothing - available on Spotify, Apple Music, etc. Another great soundtrack for during infusion is Hemi-Sync's "Journey Into Your Heart". I also recommend wearing eye coverings that block out light but allow you to open your eyes. The Mindfold sleeping mask is a popular version. This really helps avoid distractions during your experience. The clinic also monitors your progress through an app called Osmind. The app is a good tool for journaling your treatment, and it provides access to an online community where you can ask questions of others who have undergone treatment which is super helpful. I highly recommend making use of this tool. Depression has been a lifelong struggle for me, and for the first time I have been given a breather to fully enjoy life. It is not necessarily an "instant cure" but it does work. It truly does give hope. Relief from depression and anxiety symptoms make it possible to heal and resolve issues to keep it from happening again. I'm so grateful to the wonderful staff at Ketamine Clinic of Spokane for giving me this opportunity to heal and feel hope for happiness. It is life-saving and so desperately needed for our community.

Alena N.

Submitted 09/11/21

I had an amazing experience at Ketamine clinic of Spokane. I was so nervous and anxious going into my first treatment but Tina was extremely nice and friendly, she explained to me what I should expect from the treatment and helped me relax. Going forward, every single staff member I met was polite and professional. The treatment itself was nothing to be scared of and even pleasant in a way. I did not feel the affect right after the first or second infusion, but having completed the full 6 infusions course, I definitely feel a lot more like my former self. I can enjoy activities again and got the most part of my energy back. Every time I went in for a treatment I felt taken care of by the staff. They always made sure I had everything I might need to be completely comfortable and were thorough and professional in figuring out the right dose. As others have stated, make sure to have headphones and ketamine music playlist downloaded as it enhances the experience. I definitely recommend this place and this treatment

Tyson L.

Submitted 12/18/20

This treatment has been incredible! I entered my first treatment with moderate to severe depression scores on questionnaires. My most recent questionnaire resulted in almost no depression at all! I’ve also been in EMDR therapy since I started the ketamine treatments, I have not had any negative emotions relating to past trauma reviews! This is huge, I truly hope that if you are reading this review that you will give this treatment a shot. It has been life changing, and I am so grateful to the staff for making this process as comfortable as they have. They are professional and kind, thank you Tina, Josh, Allen, and Sara for doing all that you do! As a side note, when you enter this treatment, I cannot stress enough how helpful noise cancelling headphones are! Listen to “Hemi-Sync” music tracks, they seem tailored to the ketamine experience and will guide you through the experience in the most profound way!

A K.

Submitted 11/17/20

Thank you for saving my life. Your services, kindness, compassion and heart saved me. I wouldn't be here without each of you and without the Ketamine Clinic of Spokane. I might be back and I know you are here for, but know you save one. And for that I'm forever grateful. One year free of suicidal ideation. Thank you, God Bless. A

Richard M.

Submitted 11/05/20

Excellent providers, who are caring and understanding of what I was going through. They helped me through all 6 treatments and would stay with me during each treatment and holding my hand when needed. If you are at the end of your rope with life, don’t overlook this as an option for setting your self free of the things that mentally trouble you and have taken away the person you once were.

Don E.

Submitted 10/20/20

I struggled with depression and anxiety for most of my life. Thanks to your services I am now able to breathe and be comfortable in my own skin. I am very thankful that I found you. You have changed my life.

Heather G.

Submitted 09/04/20

Heather Gardner is at Ketamine Clinic of Spokane. August 27 at 1:02 AM · Spokane · One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide. - Brene Brown. Ketamine Infusion #6 complete! When I started this journey I was HOPELESS. My husband was taken from this world in moments after saving our youngest and myself. I thought I had died being trapped under that water but I survived. I was then left with trying to put together the pieces of my heart, my family and my newly unwanted life of widowhood. It was no surprise I suffered SEVERE PTSD, anxiety, panic attacks, suicidal ideations and was sinking into a deep depressive state. Even my closest friends were worried for me, my once bubbly energetic self was a jaded, cynical, crying, angry, hot mess express! I was prescribed the standard pharmaceuticals but I was not going to be chained to meds because I suffered the loss of my person. They numbed me out, made me sleep and unable to parent functionally. (Shout out to my mom and friends who stepped up during those dark times.) A friend told me about ketamine and how it can actually remap your brain so you can heal from your trauma. (Totally my dumbed down version, you can go nerd out on google it’s actually really cool) After my FIRST infusion I never again had a suicidal ideation, never once felt depressed, in fact I felt HOPE! I felt I was going to come out of the dark cloud I was stuck in. That first infusion I unloaded an emotional backpack and left it at the clinic. Today I finished my SIXTH and final infusion in 4 weeks. I feel alive again. My energy and aura are back! My anxiety is minimal and manageable. I no longer get stuck in triggers that pull me back to the day of the accident. I still have emotion, I still get sad and sometimes I cry all night on my bathroom floor but that is a healthy emotional release. (Bring on ALL THE TEARS) I am thankful I can cry and not be sucked into a depressed or so sad to the point of feeling hopeless state. I can process the trauma and still move forward without spiraling into panic/anxiety. If you are struggling with any depression, PTSD, anxiety, suicidal ideation, chronic pain, OCD (literally the list goes on) Ketamine can help! I am so thankful for the Ketamine Clinic of Spokane and their AMAZING staff! They took the best care of me and have given me a new start on life!

Sandra E.

Submitted 05/21/20

For more than 20years i have struggled with major depression disorder. I really tried everything. ECT did not work for me at all. I could have done esketamine for free from manufauctire. The true relsuts showed in iv ketamine. I had a little bit of a rough start. This is costly,but honestly the best investment i have ever made on myself. For me it just slowly I got better. I mean a lot better. For the first time that i can remember i am happier and content. It has worked for me and i would totally recommend these services. The people who work there are so caring. Never been happier. Best investment Ive ever made. Cant say enough good things about this proceedure. I sure wish insurance would see the benfit. Your in good hands with Spokane Ketamine Clinic.

L. T.

Submitted 01/23/20

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in America (https://afsp.org/about-suicide/suicide-statistics/). In 2017 alone, 47,173 people took their own life and it is estimated that 1,400,000 people attempted suicide. I personally have a mental health condition known as Fear of Harm Bipolar. This has been life altering for myself since the age of nine where I started exploring self-harm via blunt and sharp objects. My life became very difficult with relationships at this age, and it only worsened with time. By the age of twelve, before I had entered seventh grade, I had almost shot myself with a gun pointed at myself and was ready for life to be over before turning thirteen. This was due to a stressful childhood and chemical imbalance. I could not regularly attend school because my anxiety was unmanageable and suicidal thoughts made being productive feeling like an impossible task. I became very depressed and missed months of middle school and building strong friendships was a challenge. I was misdiagnose several times and could not get adequate medication for my health condition. In my freshmen year of high school, I had begun the process of trial and error prescriptions for psychotropic drugs to see which worked, making functioning in life very difficult. Over the course of five months, the medicine only made things worse and I was hospitalized two times for mental health reasons and could not finish my freshman year. This was a downward spiral of continuing this trial and error method, and by the time I was going into the summer before my junior year, I attended an outpatient hospital for three months. After being released and about to attend my fourth high school, I started out strong, but began to quickly spiral downwards until I could no longer attend school. My parents divorced during this time of my life as well. I had been suicidal from aged nine to sixteen and found no significant relief from medication. This is where Ketamine came into my life. People who are fear of harm Bipolar are unanimously treatment resistant to the vast majority of psychiatric drugs, and my psychiatrist at the time recommended Ketamine. I began treatment in the early winter of my junior year and immediately noticed a difference. School became easier to attend regularly and it felt like I could somewhat control my emotions. I began to rage less, and suicidal ideation slowly drifted away. My senior year I left the specialized school I attended during my junior year, and was more motivated than ever to be accepted into college. I started running start in the spring and was accepted into Eastern Washington University during that spring. To my understanding, I was the clinic’s first patient and since, have received 35 treatments and I honestly don’t know where I would be today without this treatment. I am a full time student now with aspirations in my future. I am no longer suicidal, and find my emotions much easier to control. Ketamine can be a scary thing to start, I personally sobbed once I completed a treatment for the first ten sessions, but the benefits are more than worth it. Tina Gordon administers my treatments and I have never felt better taken care by any other medical professional in my life. I highly recommend Spokane’s very own Ketamine Clinic if you are treatment resistant to the regular prescription drugs a psychiatrist would administer. I can personally say I think there is a very likely chance I would have taken my life without the introduction of Ketamine. Whether suffering from PTSD, chronic depression, severe anxiety, or a mood disorder, Ketamine could be for you, but one thing that is certain from my experience is this can not only be life changing, but the needed step to reclaim control over your own life. -L. J. T.

Nadia M.

Submitted 01/16/20

New location was great! Amazing staff, life saving treatment!

S. M.

Submitted 01/15/20

I have been getting regular treatments at the Ketamine Clinic of Spokane also since they first opened. First, ketamine saved my life. I was first introduced to the treatment in a hospital setting and it worked to eliminate suicidal thoughts almost immediately. I had tried every medicine and even ECT and this was the only thing that worked for me. I have had infusions by Tina, Josh and Allen and they are all very professional and good at what they do. They are all caring and compassionate individuals. I appreciate how they are committed to professional growth and learning as much as they can about this area of treatment. Compared to other clinics throughout the country their prices are reasonable and fair. The new office space is private, comfortable and roomy. The Ketamine Clinic of Spokane gave me hope when I was running out of hope.

C.L. D.

Submitted 01/15/20

I am more than satisfied with what you have given me and how you treat me.